A Billionaire’s Treasure - Michelle Love

Title: A Billionaire’s Treasure

Author: Michelle Love

Date: 2018-12-21

A Billionaire’s Treasure - Michelle Love

When he first laid eyes on her, he knew she was the one. She had brown eyes, wavy hair, and plump lips painted a matte wine red. What first caught his eye was the smirk on her face when the teacher called out everyone's name and she didn't reply. As he watched her, he wondered how she could be bold enough to sit in on someone else's class.

He walked to the middle of the class with his hands behind his back and smiled. You could hear the silent whistles and occasional oh my god coming from the female students. All except for her. That was new for this charming older man. She didn't even move her eyes up from her bag to see what was going on. The older man was caught off guard since he was always the center of everyone's attention when he walked into the room. A woman had never not taken an interest in him, so this random student not giving him the time of day made him drawn to her and only her.