The Sliver of Redemption - David Dalglish

Title: The Sliver of Redemption

Author: David Dalglish

Date: 2012-11-30

The Sliver of Redemption - David Dalglish

Fantasy author David Dalglish ends his series of the half-orc brothers, whose struggles have bathed the land of Dezrel in demon fire…

Book Description:

The war god Thulos marches across the world of Dezrel, recruiting soldiers into his demon army and annihilating all who stand against him.

With the aid of three Kings, Harruq Tun and his friends must save the nation of Mordan, whose priest-king has sworn to the dark god, and will summon whatever nightmarish creatures necessary to maintain rule. Once freed, they can turn their attention east, to the war god's approach.

Before the walls of Mordeina, and high above in the golden city of Avlimar, the last survivors make their stand to stop a world of death and conquest.

The final battle has come.