All That Matters (Forever and Ever #46) - E. L. Todd

Title: All That Matters (Forever and Ever #46)

Author: E. L. Todd

Date: 2016-01-24

All That Matters (Forever and Ever #46) - E. L. Todd

Ward closes off from Clementine and everyone around him after the wedding is called off. Arsen and Silke’s surprise nuptials push everything back, and he silently unleashes a rage that Clementine can feel in full force.

Silke and Arsen enjoy their honeymoon in a cabin in the middle of the snow. Lost in each other, they enjoy their newfound titles as husband and wife. While everything is perfect, there’s one thing missing.

Trinity is surprised when the biggest fashion guru in the industry, Maximum Shot, wants to do a fashion line together for a Milan premiere. Excited and unable to sit still she meets him for lunch. While Maximum is the genius Trinity assumed he would be, there’s a drawback.

When Sean’s father finds out about the scandalous strip club from the front page of The New York Times, he gives Sean a piece of his mind. Will Sean be able to convince him otherwise? What will Skye and Roland think of it?