The Alpha's Game - Episode One - JJ Jones

Title: The Alpha's Game - Episode One

Author: JJ Jones

Date: 2014-10-10

The Alpha's Game - Episode One - JJ Jones

“Two Alphas, One Prize... Let The Games Begin!”

Rosie Zuckerman is a curvy female detective with a twist. She also has psychic abilities that allow her to gain the advantage when in the field.

When she finds herself dragged into a case with a handsome FBI agent named Kevin Leonard she has no idea what she is about to let herself in for.

No idea at all...

Rosie is about to inadvertently become a part of The Alpha's Game and she has no idea that she is actually the PRIZE!

In this SPECIAL double length episode:

Rosie and Kevin set out to solve a mysterious case but Rosie feels something is not quite right about Kevin. He might be hot and incredibly handsome but there is something more to it and Rosie is determined to work out just who or WHAT Kevin might be...