Armouron: Prisoner on Kasteesh - Richard Dungworth

Title: Armouron: Prisoner on Kasteesh

Author: Richard Dungworth

Date: 2010-08-05

Armouron: Prisoner on Kasteesh - Richard Dungworth

Elite warriors who banded together centuries ago to fight for justice and for freedom.

Under the control of a huge corporation, led by the power-mad Chairman.

Trainee gladiators at the Nu-Topian Academy - where something is very, very wrong.

The grizzled old master of the armour workshop, with a secret in his past.

Set out of the reaches of Earth on planet Kasteesh, home to the lizard creatures.

Every generation of the Armouron has a lizard rider in their group, a knight who has a very special relationship with the lizards on Kasteesh.

When Snow, one of the orphan cadets, is drawn by an insistent voice in her head to a interplanetary freighter she is overcome and collapses. When she wakes up she finds herself on Kasteesh and right in the middle of a mission to rescue the lizards that are being experimented on by the Perfect Corporation for their amazing telepathic powers.