Blood Lost (Bloodbound Book 1) - Aurelia T. Evans

Title: Blood Lost (Bloodbound Book 1)

Author: Aurelia T. Evans

Date: 2015-02-12

Blood Lost (Bloodbound Book 1) - Aurelia T. Evans

As if wandering the streets in bloody clothes after losing her memory isn’t bad enough, Julia’s been kidnapped by vampires and presented to Nathan, high priest of Dominion.

Nathan’s not interested in a bleeder, perfectly content with fellow priest Lucas as his companion, lover, and willing servant. However, when Lucas offers her to him, Julia’s endearing confusion and lack of fear intrigue him.

With nowhere else to go without her memories, Julia accepts Nathan’s proposition and embarks on a sensual but deadly journey into the world of Dominion and its arrogant, esoteric elite…as well as the darkness of her own desires and the mystery of her past.


Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of mature content and should not be read by anyone under the age of eighteen. Warnings for vampire-related horror, imprisonment and trafficking, bloodplay, suggestion of MM Master/servant relationship.

Part of a five-book series, so it ends on a cliffhanger.