Beyond the Call of Duty - Isabel George

Title: Beyond the Call of Duty

Author: Isabel George

Date: 2010-10-28

Beyond the Call of Duty - Isabel George

A second collection of incredible and heart-warming canine stories from around the world, from the bestselling author of The Dog That Saved My Life.

Animals have accompanied man into battle since war first waged. Since those times, many stories have been told of the bears, camels, cats, dolphins, monkeys, mules, rats and other creatures that have served with the Armed Forces during both world wars and beyond. The four stories in this book represent the devotion and unquestioning loyalty of the canine companion in the darkest days of war.

From the stub-tailed Bull Terrier that became a hero of the First World War, and the most decorated dog in history, after his bravery in the trenches of Flanders, to the remarkable loyalty of an Iraqi stray dog who attached himself to British troops in North Port and then patrolled their camp every night, protecting them from being attacked by the vicious packs of dogs living in the desert, each is an incredible tale of wartime bravery as well as an example of inspiring commitment and courage.


'If you want to read uplifting stories about positive contributions made by dogs to humans under stress, I’d heartily recommend it.' - The Daily Telegraph

'This is a touching tribute to some of our faithful, four-legged friends in the darkest days of war.' - MOD Defence Focus magazine

‘These stories are sensationally good, and brilliantly written.’ -

About the author

Isabel George is a writer, journalist and PR, who has worked with animal charities, and particularly the PDSA, for many years. She has previously written for children and has also worked with the Imperial War Museum on various events and exhibitions connected with the Animals at War theme.