Legends of the Chiefs - Blackhawk Walters & Beth Shumway Moore

Title: Legends of the Chiefs

Author: Blackhawk Walters & Beth Shumway Moore

Date: 2014-01-27

Legends of the Chiefs - Blackhawk Walters & Beth Shumway Moore

American Indians like every culture tell the stories of their hero’s. The gathering’s where Native

Americans sit around the campfire and tell their oral history has almost vanished. As the younger

American Indians get absorbed into the culture of today with instant gratification of the internet, cell

phones and yes, even e-books, very few want to sit around the campfire and hear their elders speak of

once great warriors. Lucky for the readers that Beth Shumway Moore heard Blackhawk tell these stories

sitting around campfires at Utah’s Village of Many Nations. After many years and lots of convincing

she talked him into putting these Legends into print so they would be saved for prosperity. Beth and

Blackhawk admit these are ‘Legends’ based on true history that has never been told from the Indian’s

point of view. Are they biased…………… HECK YEA! Isn’t it about time we have the people who have been

under attack for over 500 years tell their side of the story? Blackhawk hearing as a small boy the’ Legend

of Opecancanough’ makes him one of the handful of people left on earth who even know this history.

A great warrior made a slave, latter to return to lead his people as a War Chief. At one hundred years

old he led his warriors into battle and almost stopped the colonization of America. Blackhawk dedicated

over 50 years of his life not only learning oral history but researching historical documents to put time

and places of the ‘Red History’ with the ‘White History.’ Sit back and enjoy the ‘Legends of the Chiefs.’ A

history of great American Indian Warriors like you have never heard before.