Blood and Honor - Jayna Vixen

Title: Blood and Honor

Author: Jayna Vixen

Date: 2014-06-05

Blood and Honor - Jayna Vixen

Amazon best selling author, Jayna Vixen, returns to Darling, California in this action-packed quest to track down Rhiannon Blake’s missing sister, Mickey. Rhiannon’s boyfriend, Dax Jamison, vice president of the notorious Phantoms’ MC, will do anything to get answers for his old lady. Is Mickey trying to avoid potential backlash from a violent drug cartel? Or is she running from something else…something even worse? Wince, the Phantoms’ resident computer genius, takes it upon himself to track Mickey down.

This book pulls the attentive reader beyond the surface to a deeper storyline intended to transcend the traditional elements in the romantic suspense genre. Maybe, just maybe, some things happen for a reason. This is the final book in the best selling MC romantic suspense series, Riding the Line.

This book contains strong language, violence, and steamy/sexual scenes, which some readers might find offensive. Intended for readers over the age of 18. Jayna Vixen is an Amazon Bestselling Author. Let yourself be lured in…