Bloodlust - Fran Heckrotte

Title: Bloodlust

Author: Fran Heckrotte

Date: 2015-12-21

Bloodlust - Fran Heckrotte

YEMAYA AND DAKOTA have just returned to the Illusionist’s homeland for a well-earned vacation when they are informed that several villagers have been savagely attacked and killed by something or someone. At the same time, a young Carpi woman is found lying unconscious near the outskirts of Teraclia. Comatose, she is unable to tell anyone what has happened and science can provide no answers. Two small wounds on her throat raise the old specter of the vampire, a legend the locals of the Transylvanian community are very familiar with and still believe to this day.

The Illusionist and her partner search for the truth behind these attacks. Will they fall prey to the murderous bloodlust that surrounds them, or will they succeed in stopping this heinous reign of terror?