Chaos Panzer - Justin Villanueva

Title: Chaos Panzer

Author: Justin Villanueva

Date: 2013-02-20

Chaos Panzer - Justin Villanueva

Imagine if a boxing champion ran for president.
Imagine if vat had gone up to 19 percent.
Imagine if the world would end with storms and tsunamis, and still you have to go to work.

Welcome to the world of Ayel del Rio.

In 1986, an alien spaceship crashed on the Spratly Islands containing unlimited energy source and a vast supply of advanced technology. Fast forward to 2016 and China owns the islands now. With a behemoth Chinese company controlling the country’s economy, Ayel tries to survive his daily life as a simple corporate employee. His life turns upside down when a ghost from his past returns to haunt him. With strange twists and conspiracies, Ayel may just find his boring life to be a little more interesting.

"Angsty, nostalgic, and deeply semi-autobiographical, Chaos Panzer is the definite read for the striving Filipino in any IT career—tired of his work, furious of his rulers, resentful of his nation."