Dance with Death (Inspector Ikmen Mystery 8) - Barbara Nadel

Title: Dance with Death (Inspector Ikmen Mystery 8)

Author: Barbara Nadel

Date: 2010-05-06

Dance with Death (Inspector Ikmen Mystery 8) - Barbara Nadel

An unholy crime. An undiscovered body. An unrepentant killer...

Dance with Death explores sex, jealousy and murder in a remote Turkish village - a riveting crime novel from award winning Barbara Nadel. The perfect read for fans of Adrian Magson and Mario Giordano.

'Part of its appeal is the exotic settings and characters, especially the colourful little cameos which remain in the memory' - Sunday Telegraph

A body is discovered in a cave in the remote region of Cappadocia, Turkey. The woman died of gunshot wounds, and her corpse has lain undisturbed for twenty years. Who is she and who killed her? Inspector Ikmen is summoned from Istanbul to investigate but discovers a complex web of intrigue. Was it her boyfriend, driven mad by love, or her husband, believing she would never bear the son he wanted so badly? When it is revealed the girl was pregnant when she died, the whispers and accusations increase. Ikmen, stifled among a rural community thriving on legend, folklore and intrigue, begins to think he will never see clearly through the lies surrounding this case. One thing, however, is clear: the past is as potent as the present.

What readers are saying about Dance with Death:

'Great insight into the problems of a country still divided by different traditions and approaches to the 21st century'

'Another intriguing investigation for Inspector Ikmen'

'Rich in atmosphere and characterisation'