Bright Scoundrel - Lily Silver

Title: Bright Scoundrel

Author: Lily Silver

Date: 2013-03-10

Bright Scoundrel - Lily Silver

A Sorcerer, a Spinster and a Haunted Castle; the course of true love never runs smooth!

Notorious rake Kieran O'Flaherty flees to rural Ireland to escape scandal.  Upon arrival, he finds a woman in charge of his family estate—a prickly, proud spinster who challenges him at every turn. Kieran likes the challenge Rose presents, as she seems to be the only woman immune to his charms.

Desperate for funds, landscape artist Rose de Lacy takes a position as of steward to a neglected estate.  When the owner's grandson arrives her serene life is turned upside down. She's determined to ignore the simmering desires O'Flaherty incites within her. It's not easy when merely being near the man arouses sensual yearnings she never imagined possible. Can she afford to risk her cherished independence for the uncertainties of love?  

Far from the dazzling London social whirl, Kieran struggles to prove he's more than a spoiled skirt- chaser to his father's people. When malicious threats arise, Kieran uses his magic to protect Rose. His gifts might save them from ghosts and smugglers, but can Kieran and Rose create their own magic?  

Buy Bright Scoundrel and take a mystical, charming and romantic journey back to 19th century Ireland today.   

Reluctant Heroes Series: Bold men and Independent women, finding true love was never in their plans . . .

Book One:       Dark Hero, A Gothic Romance
Book Two:       Bright Scoundrel
Book Three:    Gallant Rogue