iPads in Education - Lewis Hall

Title: iPads in Education

Author: Lewis Hall

Date: 2014-08-14

iPads in Education - Lewis Hall

I have always worked in Education, I started on the technical side, as an IT technician, wanting to ‘fix and tinker’ with computers but soon my passion for education was ignited which led me to wanting to be in the classroom working with the staff and students.

As I have worked with many different schools including Primary, Secondary and Colleges I’ve picked up a few tips along the way.   This book will guide you start a complete novice to feeling confident enough to use iPad on your classroom.

This is my first book which I hope will help you implement iPad in your classroom, as much as possible i’ve tried to provide practical, real, examples of use of this technology in the classroom whilst trying to not focus on the “app” too much.

One thing I am certain about is that this book will not provide you with all the answers or even the correct ones. It is a guide to using iPad in your classroom.  Each school is unique and will have different ways of integrating technology to benefit our young people.  

Future books will include, “Why iPad?”  “The Technical Setup”  and  “The Implementation Guide”.