Praanas, Divine-Links & Auras: Volume II - Ashok Kumar Datta

Title: Praanas, Divine-Links & Auras: Volume II

Author: Ashok Kumar Datta

Date: 2013-11-29

Praanas, Divine-Links & Auras: Volume II - Ashok Kumar Datta

Quote from the Book: Scientific Secrets of Jainism; Author: Jain monk, shri Nandighoshvijay ji Gani:

“…extrasensory perceptions of shri Ashok Kumar Dutt also prove that sound is in the form of particles. ...As I went on reading shri Dutt’s article on his extrasensory perceptions, my faith in Jain philosophy became stronger and stronger. ... Therefore, the power of direct experience of the colour of sound attained by shri Ashok Kumar Dutt, must be some special type of labdhi (attainment).”

 This treatise will reveal subtle secrets regarding subtle-elements, which pertain to breathing system (Praanaayaama), human speech (Mantras) and the external environment (Vaastu-Science). The subtle-elements comprise subtle phenomena and the related spiritual, cosmic, semi-cosmic and semi-gross objects, processes and systems. Therefore, this spiritual knowledge will ensure healthy ecology; high spiritual elevation and high quality of life on the earth (i.e. sound health, prosperity and happiness). It may also commence a spiritual movement globally, which will effectively prevent global warming. 

 The Indian cosmic philosophy, which pertains to internal and external environments, is termed as Darshana-Shaastra. This term reveals a secret regarding the Rishis of the Vedic era that they used to envision subtle phenomena through their cosmic powers. Subsequently, they developed applicable rules regarding Praanaayaama, Sanskrit grammar, Mantras and Vaastu-Science. However, the spiritual-knowledge regarding the subtle elements was lost along with them. The author has ‘rediscovered the lost divine-knowledge’ through his cosmic powers and the clarifications from his spiritual guides. They are astral beings now, because they were renowned Rishis of the Vedic era. One of them assumed ‘human-form’ to bless him with cosmic powers. This book is based on the extrasensory perceptions of the author.

Volume-I (Available separately):  

 Extrasensory perceptions, spiritual guides, cosmic powers, and predictions of the author; fundamental principles regarding subtle elements and internal cosmic energy system; Praanaayaama; cosmic colours of static aura; dynamic aura of speech (semi-cosmic colours of sound), a subtle basis of the Sanskrit grammar, tables of Sanskrit Alphabets and Mantras (the divine words); etc.


 Cosmic and sub-cosmic dances of Vibhootis, the pairs of opposites, which procreate subtle and atomic particles; fundamental principles regarding subtle elements and external cosmic energy system; cosmic image of Vaastu-Purusha and flow-patterns of subtle energies in dwellings, the basis of Vaastu-Science; illustrative layouts of dwellings, including group-housing, commercial and industrial complexes; etc.

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