ExtraOrdinary - Danielle K Girl

Title: ExtraOrdinary

Author: Danielle K Girl

Date: 2016-12-15

ExtraOrdinary - Danielle K Girl

'Thrilling! Creepy! The perfect YA novel. A FINALIST and highly recommended,' - The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Ryder Carlsson thought she was hunting ghosts. She was very wrong.

When Ryder and her friends encounter a violet-eyed stranger in the shadowed halls of Clarendon House, they have no idea their lives are about to change forever.

Olessia is like no one else on Earth. And she has enemies that will tear the world apart to find her.

When a dark haired Guardian arrives to take Olessia home, Ryder is strangely drawn to the surly, bad tempered guy who seems to hate everything about Earth, his job, and her.

Olessia's refusal to return to her world will drag all of them down a dangerous path.

And bring far-flung worlds to the brink of war.

But perhaps worst of all, it wil destory everything Ryder thought she knew about herself.

An extraordinary truth will be revealed.

But can Ryder survive it?

A scifi/paranormal survival story.

The entire trilogy available now - ExtraOrdinary, ExtraLimital and ExtraImperial.

ExtraOrdinary is set in hauntingly beautiful Tasmania, Australia, and is the first book in Danielle K Girl's gripping YA trilogy.