The Listener - Maris E. McCambley

Title: The Listener

Author: Maris E. McCambley

Date: 2011-03-11

The Listener - Maris E. McCambley

Seth never thought he was special. True, he can Read minds like his dad, and Listen to animals like his mom. It's only when those abilities start to merge that the thirteen-year-old realizes he's no ordinary Reader or Listener. Seth has no time to enjoy the novelty of his evolution, though, because he is marked for extinction in a deadly animal world conflict.

The conflict begins when T.C.-the-Cat learns that Listeners still survive after centuries of persecution drove them into hiding. In that time, human roads have made the world an increasingly dangerous place for animals. They need a Listener's help to build a Deflector Device that will warn animals away from cars and trucks on highways.

Not all animals agree with this plan. Led by coyote chieftains Kendrick and Kendar, the tormented creatures of land and sky join forces as The Enemy, and vow to thwart T.C.'s mission and silence the Listeners forever.

The pitched struggle that ensues reaches a climax when The Enemy executes an ambush on the plane in which T.C. and Seth are traveling. Only the teen's new and surprising abilities can save the mission and keep the friends from plunging to earth in a giant fireball--if he can master those abilities in time!