Jesmond Gardens Primary School - Simon Curtin

Title: Jesmond Gardens Primary School

Author: Simon Curtin

Date: 2018-02-21

Jesmond Gardens Primary School - Simon Curtin

Jesmond Gardens Primary School is designed around principles of transformational learning.  These encourage the use of personalised and tailored learning strategies to suit the needs of individuals.  The relaxed learning environment (including our “no shoes allowed” policy) ensures happy, contented children.  Since introducing these principles, a rapid improvement in both behaviour and attitudes to learning has taken place.  There has been dramatic reduction in anti-social behaviour, and across the school, visitors can expect to experience the buzz for learning that our children so passionately promote. 

As of September 2014, every child at Jesmond Gardens has been provided with their own iPad, and also given access to a wide range of Apple devices and Apple creative apps in order to engage, enhance and drive their learning experiences.